Raymond Cass

Raymond was born in Yorkshire in 1921 and educated at Riley high school in Hull. From an early age he became interested in the Paranormal, reading avidly on the subject. The massive slaughter on the Western Front raised serious questions in his mind about the purpose of life and the futility of war. He was engrossed in Harmsworths 'History of World War 1' when a male voice suddenly called his name over a primitive radio which was switched off at the time. Alone in his grandfathers seafront mansion, this was an enigmatic experience, but even at the age of 7 he was aware of paranormal forces. The primitive horn-like loud speaker could have only been activated by some kind of magnetic pulse or flux.

To gain a more intimate knowledge of he paranormal, he joined a Hull psychic society and it was at this point he found that an ancestor, Robert Cass who died in 1898, was not only the founder of spiritualism in Hull but also a powerful medium who could levitate a heavy table with 3 men on top to the ceiling. They wrote their names there with carpenters pencils. A Psychic thread in his lineage first emerged in 1773 in Leaming, North Yorks where Molly Cass was persecuted as a medium and psychic. In 1938, at a Helen Duncan seance in Bridlington it was predicted that Raymond would develop voice mediumship.

Although it was not until October 1971 and the release of Konstantin Raudive's book, 'Breakthrough', that this prophecy came true and as part of a dedicated team of EVP buffs, Raymond rapidly overtook other UK researchers and produced voices of clarity and amplitude which attracted worldwide attention. He produced examples of the much disputed 'Polyglot' voices where a sentence would contain the elements of various different foreign languages. Fluent in German, Raymond was able to keep up with European experimenters, aided by his association with the German section of the foreign office. But on his release in 1945 from a German prisoner of war camp he was forced to shelve his passion for psychic affairs and concentrate on earning a living. Interested in acoustics, he qualified to trade in hearing aid technology and founded his own practice in Yorkshire where he was active for 20 years. During this time he found the resources to begin experimenting with EVP in association with the well known experimenter Mike Vinter.

Obtaining EVP is a difficult and arduous pursuit with many setbacks and fallow periods and the conditions needed to make a successful EVP recording are largely still unknown. Ray's office in Hull, where the best results have been achieved, appeared to be a 'window area' with a lively magnetic flux upon which the voices seemed to ride. In 1977 at the age of 56 his psychic energies seemed to peter out., much burning of the midnight oil had taken its toll.

Raymond Cass was considered one of the 'Worlds' foremost researchers into EVP. His voice samples have been played at many lectures and presentations worldwide. Raymond's tapes have been the focus of study by various institutions such as the Bio-Energetics Institute in Osaka, Japan, The Parapsychology Unit of Olivert College, Michigan, USA, The ESP Research Associates Foundation at Little Rock, Arkansas and the Parapsychology Unit at Freidburg University. His work has been observed by the War Department, USA and the Ministry of Defense here in the UK.

Taken from 'Ghost Orchid'

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