What is EVP?

Electronic Voice Phenomenom (EVP) has been used for nearly a century in one form or another. Famous inventors such as Thomas Edison, Gueglielmo Marconi, Nikola Tesla and Oliver Lodge all had a drive to build devices to make 'contact with the unseen'. This was obviously a euphemism for 'contacting the dead'. Thomas Edison helped by inventing a medium for which audio could be recorded onto a gramophone and played back. He was also working on inventing a machine which could communicate with the spirit world. Sadly he passed away around 1931 without getting a chance to publish any of his notes.

In the 1930's, Scandinavian military picked up a rash of mysterious polyglot voices bleeding through the airwaves. It was initially thought they might be some form of code from the Germans as it was war time. After the war the German papers were read and nothing was found to back this up.

At the end of the 1950's, Friedrich Juergenson, a Swedish Film maker/Psychic originally from Russia, was recording a documentary. When he played the tape back he heard many extra 'voices'. He was out in the woods capturing birdsong. When he played the recording back he heard unaccountable voices on the recording. This instigated Friedrich to study EVP. He famously used a reel to reel tape device and recorded his mothers voice (Who has passed away years earlier). The reel to reel medium was a breakthrough in EVP research. Friedrich Jurgenson is considered by most to be the 'Father of EVP'.

In 1965 Latvian Philosopher and Scientist Dr Konstantin Raudive arranged to meet with Friedrich. He was fascinated by what his Swedish colleague had achieved and set up his own EVP research project. Initially Raudive went for 3 months without capturing any voices. Then he started to pick them up. Raudive employed the services of various electronic engineers to help him perfect his method of recording spirit voices. He published his first book The Inaudible become audible in 1968. An English publisher picked up this book and decided to do their own experimenting. After successfully picking up unexplainable voices on tape (One thought to be the dead mother of one of the experimenters) they republished the book in English renaming it Breakthrough: An amazing experiment in Electronic Communications with the dead. It was these publishers who coined the phrase Electronic Voice Phenomenon. Since that time a lot of people have dedicated time and effort to work on EVP research.

In the Early 1970's Raymond Cass from Hull England started his journey recording voices at his office in the centre of Hull. Cass did many years of research coming up with more than 2000 examples of EVP. Cass was the pioneer of EVP research in the United Kingdom.

In the late 1970's and early 1980's the American company 'Meta Science Foundation', headed by George W Meek, created a device that could communicate with spirit. The device was called 'Spiricom'. Mr Meeks plan was to create a product that could communicate with the dead on a regular and sustained level. Conversations were lasting over one hour in length through the 'Spiricom'. All of a sudden, the 'Spiricom' stopped working.

What are the voices?

There has been lots of research into what the voices heard on the tape actually are. There are people out there who will not accept that the voices heard are that of dead people. However there is nothing concrete to prove otherwise. The techniques used by Cass, Jurgensen and Raudive have been witnessed by men of substance and yet still the results are questioned. It is very often, in the case of the 'Inter Frequency EVPs' that people simply say they are bleed through on the radio wavebands. A good theory you think until you realise that the voice that came through actually answered a question raised or told of something relative. Also they often come through in Polyglots ( multiple tongues) and at irregular speeds, neither of these would of been used by any broadcasting company in the world.

Initially there were 3 main theories of what these voices could be.....

1) Deceased persons having survived the death of their physical bodies
2) Voices come from operators sub conscious (Psycho Kinesis)
3) Breakthrough from a parallel universe.

So far results are far in the favour of number 1.

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