Raymond Cass - UK Pioneer of Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP)
'I prefer the experimental approach rather
than the endless debate and discussions about the subject!'

Welcome to the 'Raymond Cass Foundation'.

Raymond Cass was the UK pioneer in the work related to the phenomenon known as EVP ( Electronic Voice Phenomena). Here we will show the work Raymond carried out and the results he achieved. We will also endeavor to further his work by carrying out yet more experiments and publishing the results.

The foundation's patron is Raymond's widow 'Edith Cass'

The foundation is self funded and non profit. If anyone would like to help further our research please use the address on the 'contacts' page.

Some Great Books on EVP and the Paranormal HERE

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NEWS: A new Archive page is setup for Raymonds work. It is work in progress so please check back regularly.....Click HERE

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