Konstantin Raudive 1909 - 1974





As with all things, there has to be an element of fun, seriousness and honesty in research. Researching the paranormal is no different. Being able to play with microphones, radio equipment, recording devices and sometimes telephones is fun. Being able to objectively and subjectively listen to and comment on results you have achieved (or others have achieved) is the honest side and lastly doing it with an open mind and without ridicule of others is the 3rd facet.

The research of EVP has been going on for many years. However we are still in the infant stages of its life span. We are no further forward with the technology we use today than we were 50 years ago. We still cannot request a spirit voice on demand (although there are some who claim they can for the vast majority we cannot). The results we get are more bountiful but that may be down to the fact that so many people do research now. In the Raudive, Cass days there were very few researcher so the content was not so available.

Research should be approached from an open minded perspective. If a voice appears always look for the natural reason why it may be there. Once you have methodically gone through everything natural then it becomes interesting. Cass had his critics. In fact lots of people used to say his voices where just Airline pilots or Public Services Annoncements like Taxi's or Fire brigade, He did lots of work just to prove that the recording he received where not bleed through from any of those. He even published recordings of these services for comparison. Listen HERE

Polyglot! Alot of the recordings Cass achieved consisted of Plyglot. This means that a sentence could be made up of numerous languages. Not just one. So a sentence could start in english, change to french, then german and end in english. To my knowledge there are NO known airlines, taxi firms or radio stations that broadcast in Polyglot.



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