We will publish some of Raymond's findings as well as the Foundations own here. Please check back regularly for updates....


Raymond's' examples where usually obtained using 127Mhz (airband frequency). A lot of people say it could just be bleed through however the voices sometimes come through in Polyglot (multiple languages), they usually have a meaning to a question asked or thought. They do not follow the 'formal' structure used by aircraft pilots....

This is one of Raymond Cass's class B EVP's. Here the voice says ' You can look at Raymond for I (eye). What does this mean? Raymond had a bad eye, did it mean that? Or did it mean you can look to Raymond for information from (of) me?
In this example of a Cass Class A, You can hear a voice clearly saying 'We can see Edith by Radio'. This enforces a statement Jurgenson had made years earlier about the voices being able to actually see what we are doing. Edith was in fact by the radio.

In this example we hear a Polyglot Class B. 'We are International'.

Here we can hear one of Cass's voices first mention of Konstantin Raudive.
His nickname was 'Koste'

This is a large example, we hear Cass asking for contact from beyond and we hear a Polyglot answer which basically translated says ' Raudive is here at the communication/construction centre'.

If you want to help us with some experiments. Why not go HERE listen to some EVPs and email us what you think they say....

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